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Your Space. Reimagined.

I design residential and commercial spaces that are comfortable, personal and interesting. Great  design is great art, reflecting who you are in ways you never imagined. My unique perspective, grounded in both art and architecture, reflects an artist’s eye toward color and materials and a strong sense of space and form. I am here to help you create your best space possible. 

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Summer Wedermyer
Owner, Arch and Gable Home Design, LLC


 I graduated from KU Art and Design school with a degree in Interior Design and have spent the last 15 years involved in various aspects of home design, renovation, and the construction industry. My passion is restoring old homes and creating functional and inviting spaces.  

I offer every level of service from paint selections to new home blueprints.

 Ready to start your next home project? 

Modern Bathroom

What to expect when working with a home designer....

The Design Process:


1. Consultation and Project Questionaire:  Review goals and discuss how you envision the space. We also establish the budget and I provide an estimate for my services at this time. 


2. If you decide to move forward, I will measure and draw the space as is and then start laying out the different options taking into account your requirements and wishlist.  These are professional sketches and we are only looking at function at this stage. We can meet in person or exchange comments via email or DesignFiles.


3. Choose the final layout and develop the design even further, really drilling down to the functional details like cabinetry and lighting. 


4. Move on to the final details by selecting finishes and fixtures includes lighting, paint, backsplash, plumbing fixtures, countertops, cabinetry finishes, hardware, furnishings, etc. (optional)


5. After all the decisions are made, I spend some time on construction documents.  These are instructions on how the plan should be executed. (Final Design Payment due after completion of step 5)


6. I will hold a 'trade day' to meet on site with potential general contractors so I can walk them through the project in person. 


7. Review Contractor estimates and help identify any discrepancies with you. (if needed)


8. During construction I will periodically check in with you and your contractor to answer any questions or trouble shoot unexpected obstacles that may come up. 

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