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January 1st 2023

Well I hope the rest of the year doesn't echo the last few days.  If you have been trying to contact me and not getting a response it's because my business email and anything associated with my Arch and Gable domain are in Google G Suite/Googe Workspace limbo! I don't have access/ownership to either one at the moment.  Please use my personal email until further notice and accept my apologlies if you have been trying to contact me and I have not responded or if your email bounced back.  I am still here, definitely still in business!!

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Project 1217_New Construction Design + Build

Project 1217, a contemporary cottage. When an empty lot close to downtown came up for sale I jumped at the chance to do a ground up build. I didn't want the home to stick out like a sore suburban thumb in a humble historic neighborhood. The roof lines, massing and fenestration match that of the homes around it. In fact, I still drive down the street and miss it because it blends in with the surroundings. The narrow lot and no parking in front posed some design challenges tha

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